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PublicityMAGS_Kal460Kalendar continually wins awards and receives good press in magazines, newspapers and on the internet.


“Napoleon and Josephine would have loved this cozy candlelit salon. Kalendar has grandeur, on a small scale, and …imagination runs rampant in the kitchen, too…What makes Kalendar special is the pleasant service and an unusual menu.”
The Toronto Sun, Sara Waxman


“Maybe its the dim candlelight – suddenly everybody seems desirable – that causes NOW readers to name this art nouveau boite the perfect spot for a romantic rendezvous… rococo mirrors, intimate tables for two and flowers everywhere… surrounded by others like yourself, both glamourous and amorous.” NOW magazine, Readers Poll


“A category of decor that is soul-warming because of its allusions to a past, and it is in these often more modest, undesigned digs that we feel most at home. The rococo loveliness of KALENDAR resides in its multiple antique effects, the gilding of huge mirrors, the deliberately bulbous sensuality of the chandeliers.”
Toronto Life Magazine


“Kalendar, is a cozy, eclectic mix of rich colour and tex- ture, that offers cuisines from around the globe…well balanced with healthy intention!… “Smoked trout. It’s perfect …beautifully prepared…hey when every item on the menu beckons it’s decision-making time. It is intimate, warm and inviting. College Street at its best.”
Vitality Magazine


“At the northwest corner College and Euclid, the luckiest Starbucks in town shares a beautiful black wooden cornice with its good-looking neighbour… Leading the vegetarian-friendly list of mains are the scrolls… Service is consistently friendly.”
Toronto Life $25 Gourmet


A perennial contender for the most romantic spot in the city Toronto Life $25 Gourmet Guide “If beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder then Kalendar Koffee House attests to the rare consensus of this eye.”
The Store Front News, Nisha Pahuja


“The food at Kalendar is sexy, creative and restrained…in a laid back space that’s always been the norm for Montreal or Paris but relatively rare in Toronto” NOW Magazine “Kalendar’s few tables are fast becoming some of the most coveted seats in town in which to sip, snack and watch the convivial College scene unfold”
NOW Magazine


“This is as close as we get to the Viennese coffee house experience” Toronto Life Magazine “Here’s an out-of-town bonus…interesting food at a reasonable price, no reservations and hard to get a table after 7pm. It’s worth going early.”
London Free Press, London Ontario


NOW Magazine’s Best of Toronto: “Best Date Restaurant”

This eclectic spot has the charm and warmth of a Parisian antique shop with its oak bar, Victorian-era chandeliers, sparkly Turkish lanterns on the front patio and enough tables for two for a speed-dating convention. The menu is a mix of French, Italian and Mediterranean bistro fare that’s perfect for sharing, though singletons shouldn’t be discouraged from coming: bring a book and pretend you’re in the 8th arrondissement.  Now Magazine’s BEST OF TORONTO 2014
“The Kalendar menu starts with creative and substantial sandwiches. The eggplant, artichoke, sweet pepper and hummus scrolled in a roti is already a favourite of the crowds who come to graze and gaze.”
The Toronto Sun, Elizabeth Baird
SUNDAY BEST “A sensuous setting of hand-wrought antiquity, scoffing red potato fries, toast and ham with omelette 3… at Kalendar .”
Toronto Life Magazine


“Before you close your night head back for a nightcap, coffee, or flavoured tea at the infinitely charming Kalendar”
Three Perfect Days in Toronto, Hemispheres (United airlines international magazine)


“We normally balk at a place that requests one to ‘wait to be seated’, but given the popularity of the KALENDAR, it’s both understandable and forgivable… reminiscent of Prague cafés during that cities’ golden era …A wonderful cafe for any time and any reason.”
Café Life,Guide to Cafés in Canada


“Adorable couples and singleton vie for cherished spots on the perennially packed patio, but the truly fortunate snag a table indoors, charmingly reminiscent of cafes in Brussels or Copenhagen. A seductive wine list could blow the budget”
Toronto Life eating and drinking Guide


“Optimal atmosphere for merrymaking and amorous trysts. A romance-suffused hideout from frosty December nights.”
Lisa Richler Toronto Life Magazine


“With 7000 restaurants to choose from … Toronto seems mercifully free of international chains on any major scale and the Queen Mother Cafe on Queen street and Kalendar Restaurant on College Street are great places for very wet martinis (James Bond doesn’t have a clue) ”
The Sunday Business Post DUBLIN, IRELAND (Travel in Toronto article)


“Everything about it is really romantic. Even the food is romantic. they have these things called scrolls – you sort of feel like your ordering a love letter.”
Eye magazine, Cheap Eats


Nightlife – The It Spot
“ snug date mecca…intimate and unpretentious…a romance suf- fused hideout”
Toronto Life Magazine website


“For years, Kalendar has been the de facto date destination for guaranteed results. This streamlined satellite brings a cozy bit of caché to the College Strip. This comfortable room will always be in the hearts of those who venture here, and it’s no-frills menu beats all trends. The best spot is the canopied patio, adorned with miniature tables and colourful flowers. From there, diners sit relaxed and watch the passersby parade down College. The food is even more of an enticement than the patio.”
“Mellow jazz adds a touch of class. Floor-to-ceiling windows in both the bar area and the dining section are left open on humid evenings, allowing a cool breeze to permeate both rooms on weekends when they’re packed to the brim. The staff are amiable, charming and efficient.”
Martini Boys website